A few startups i am involved with are

  1. Lightrains - Blockchain and AI Consulting
  2. MeshMonk - Spatial Commerce
  3. StoryBee - AI Story Generator
  4. Formsure - AI Form Builder

Ones and Zeros...

But life is more than ones and zeros. While the pulsating realm of tech continues to be my professional playground, I've recently found solace in the serene world of photography. Every snapshot I take isn't just about capturing a moment; it's about narrating a story, a passion that allows me to freeze fleeting memories with a touch of artistry.

Merging the fast-paced evolution of tech with the timeless elegance of photography, I am on a continual quest to innovate, inspire, and immortalize.

New Horizons

While the digital world continues to resonate with my entrepreneurial spirit, I've recently embraced the art of photography. It's more than just a hobby; it's a newfound passion that lets me capture the world's essence, one frame at a time.

Let's Connect

Whether it's a tech endeavor, a photography project, or simply a chat over coffee about the next big thing, I'm all ears.